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I am travelling again. The paragraphs below were so real for me that erasing them feels wrong.  I can only add this note.

No longer on my own, indeed Stephen is mathing metres away,  I am still without a clear map of the days, weeks, years to come. I am coming to like it this way. Presently, we are in Southeast Africa.  First stop, Mozambique. Read along if you like.  Finally, if all this is too many words and you just want to know where we are, check out our Itinerary HERE.




You know how when you don’t know what’s next you toss your palms in the air? Well, here I am, living in Sint Maarten.  For the past 30 odd years, I’ve had a map of the next hour, day, month, year and decade.

Right now, I’m not sure what I’ll eat for dinner. It’s so stormy today that school is cancelled and I’m starting my blog despite the hiccups in the internet. Outside my window the palms are tossing in the wind. I’m with them.


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